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Unfortunately, there are aluminum ladders which are safe to use, lightweight and exceed the current safety legislation as per OSHA 1910.29 & ANSI 14.7 standards and there are other aluminum ladder platforms available on the market which although appearing to match the standards laid down actually fall far short of the requirements.

Older designs and types can still be found on construction sites to a lesser degree, but in residential and domestic situations they are a relic from a time when safety didn’t have such a high priority and many homeowners are not aware of the implications when using them; indeed there are many people who still use ladders as a work platform when in reality they are designed merely as a means of access to a higher or lower level.

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The most obvious exposure is ladders on scaffolding enabling construction workers ease of access from one platform level to another. In recent years many construction sites and maintenance issues have seen the rise in use of a man lift, a hydraulic platform which affords single person working, and a platform which can reduce costs on small jobs where scaffolding or some other form of access would be required in order to complete the work tasks.

Back to ladders manufactured from aluminum, they are completely paint free and have no toxins in the manufacturing process which remain on the outer surface which in turn makes them ideal for use in the food industry, where hygiene is of prime importance and where surfaces can be easily steam cleaned with no detrimental effects caused to the surface, such as rusting or contamination left in small cracks and crevices.

Referring to cracks and crevices, because ladders made from aluminum or steel are not prone to these issues their inherent strength is well documented and because aluminum is a lightweight material much more so than wood or steel, larger size ladders can be used and it takes fewer personnel to manhandle them into position.

Storage and ease of access make ladders made from aluminum, a must for construction sites and work areas where conditions are not like those of a residential environment or domestic environment.

Everyday use of aluminum ladders which match or exceed OSHA 1910.29 & ANSI 14.7 standards are a must for heavy usage sites, where access solutions are required on regular work and maintenance projects. If your business needs new or replacement ladders, call on the experts today at U.S. Industrial Supply for all your work and maintenance related issues.

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