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Take a look on any construction site, shopping mall, or street in small-town or big-city USA and one will see aerial lifts (or man lifts) being used — yet most people walk on by without noticing them because nowadays, they are such a common feature of the industrial scene. Short-access and low-level access jobs can still be carried out and completed successfully by deploying industrial ladders. However, ladders can only provide safe access up to about forty-five feet — and, even then, ladders should not be used as work platforms.

The advantages of elevating man lifts, electric scissor lifts, or any of the many names they are called is that they are very stable (if used correctly) and are designed for single-person operation. With these lifts to afford access where a ladder access is not suitable — or indeed, safe — jobs at height can be completed in no time. Ideal for work in virtually any industrial or commercial situation or work area, they have certainly proved their worth time and again since they first hit the scene some fifty years ago.



While there is very little reference to when scissor lifts were first used, it appears to be in the 1960s. Expensive and cumbersome, they took time to catch on. But, as with any invention that has practical, useful, and cost-saving features and benefits, they gradually became more of a common sight. Certainly in the 1980s, there seemed to be a boom (no pun intended) in the use of scissor lifts in the construction industry.

As more and more elaborate designs and construction processes came into being, the need for innovative access solutions followed; time has gone by, and demand has been leading innovation. Taking a look around now at the many elaborate aerial lifts available for the industrial and commercial sector, it’s clear to see that these highly maneuverable, compact, and cost-effective access solutions are here to stay for a very long time (at least until anti-gravity technology is released by the secret government!).

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