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Industrial Rolling ladders are ingenious in the simplicity of their designs and the method in which they are deployed in saving time and storage space in an industrial environment.

These Ladders are used in many industrial situations, one in particular is stock picking from a racked storage environment, where they are wheeled into position next to the storage racking, the wheels locked into place and the stock handler can gain easy access to stock items at any level.

Built in shelves under and in the Stock Picking Rolling Ladders makes light work of stock retrieval and distribution, not least of all in a warehouse environment where stock items are being accessed constantly and continuously for dispatch to customers.

They are easily stored when not in use because of how lightweight they are.  They are constructed of Steel or Aluminum.  Of course, Aluminum Ladders being more easier to move around.  Therefore a smaller slightly built person would have no difficulty in moving and positioning rolling ladders in a modern work environment.

Although its a cost effective and time saving solution for stock pickers everywhere, it can be deployed in a maintenance environment where access needs to be gained but only on a temporary and and/or infrequent number of times and where a permanent access is neither practical or required.

Lockable wheels and a wide stable base with a low center of gravity suggests immediately that a rolling ladder fulfills all aspects of safety in the work place; easy access, safe working environment and a viable, cost effective solution.

The sheer number of designs and uses in the workplace cannot easily be detailed here; mobile work platforms, truck access and maintenance and stock picking aluminum ladders are just three examples of these robust and cleverly designed working aides.

There are many more access solutions available for workplace situations, including scissor lifts, man lift solutions and specialty access solutions.  You can get more information about all or our products by contacting us directly at our toll free number:

(888) 722-0311.


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