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Industrial maintenance platforms are used mainly to afford access to elevated areas where work, repairs, and/or maintenance is required to be carried out. Most notably, you’ll see them being used frequently in aircraft maintenance locations, in order to make light work or access to elements of the plane body including wings, engines, and tail planes.

As with most jurisdictions, there are legislation and regulations in place that set down minimum construction standards for work platforms and access tools such as industrial stairs, roof ladders, electric scissor lifts, and aerial lifts (there are many more examples of access tools and equipment  covered by legislation, too numerous to be mentioned here). For instance, in the United States local legislation and standards are enforced by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI); any equipment used in an industrial or commercial environment should, at the very least, be constructed to the relevant standards and requirements set out in various laws and regulations, either state or federal.

BLOG-Maintenance Platforms

All industrial maintenance platforms will have some form of secure railings and/or guardrails, usually with a secured gateway or entrance point for ease of access. Platforms can be either single or multi-person use should be sturdy enough to carry sufficient tools and/or equipment and materials in order to expedite efficient completion of any work to be carried out.

As an alternative to mobile or self-propelled work platforms and aerial lifts, work platforms can be manufactured quite quickly to specific demands of an industry or workplace — and, of course, being lightweight, can be easily manhandled into place with little effort. Differing material-handling solutions are required for different industrial uses, and the same is true of maintenance platforms. In the aero industry, there are more demands made than in many industries, and a customized made-to-measure elevating work platform could be just the solution for your company.

If your business or organization has access issues and needs (a) solution(s), then there are elevating work platforms such as aerial lifts, that could help you.  Regardless of whether your business is a commercial, industrial, or retail operation, you can find what you need on our website.

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