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CANTILEVER ROLLING LADDERThe Cantilever Rolling Ladder is ideal for hard to reach areas.  There are many options to choose for this ladder.You can have the rear guard rail removed and replace with a safety chain or swing gate.  You can also have the handrails removable.  The Counter Balance Weight is the most essentrial part of the ladder.  It is what gives you the support needed to stand on the end of the platform. 
  • Steel Construction
  • Steps are 24” Wide: Steps begin at 50″H (5 step)
  • 300 lb capacity
  • (2) Rigid Casters in Rear
  • (2) Swivel Locking Casters in Front
  • Other Cantilever Lengths Available
  • Industrial Enamel Painted Finish
  • Perforated Tread (Other Tread Options Available)
  • Handrails can either be 30″ H or 42″H
  • Overhangs range from 14″ to 65″
  • Meets OSHA and ANSI standards



Part #StepsPlatformBaseOverhang
BS8SH30-SP824"Wide32" x 61"14"-20"
BS9SH30-SP924"Wide32" x 67"14"-20"
BS10SH30-SP1024"Wide32" x 74"14"-20"
BS11SH30-SP1124"Wide35" x 83"14"-20"
BS12SH30-SP1224"Wide35" x 89"14"-20"
BS13SH30-SP1324"Wide37" x 95"14"-20"
BS14SH30-SP1424"Wide37" x 102"14"-20"
BS15SH30-SP1524"Wide39" x 108"14"-20"
BS16SH30-SP1624"Wide39" x 114"14"-20"
BS17SH30-SP1724"Wide39" x 121"14"-20"

28OH28" Overhang$603$368
35OH35" Overhang$756$489
42OH42" Overhang$921$598

Call For More Information

(888) 722-0311

This particular ladder has been designed to access hard to reach places.  There are literally thousands of applications, it can be used for.  The various sizes, makes it easier to choose the correct model.  Also, the manufacturer of this unit has been building them for over thirty years.  We here at U.S. Industrial Supply, has been able to sell hundreds of these units in the course of a year.

Athough, sometimes the solution to your problem may not be a cantilever rolling ladder, but, it could be a similar configuration.  There could also be other features added on, to make it easier to use.  You have the option of getting outriggers put on to maximize the support and overall structure.  Outriggers are just two steel tubing going outward from the bottom steps on the unit.  They will have a locking mechanism and will be easy to lock into place.  This will primarily be used if the weight capacity has increased significantly or if the height of the platform is below forty inches high.

All these units meet all standard OSHA requirements.  Nothing goes out of the door without the proper quality control.  Give us a call to discuss more of your application.  We have experts standing by that have been in the industry for decades.

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