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Double Entry Work Platforms are typically used for gaining access to areas that require a unit to go up against a machine or something similar.  These platforms have been the solution to many different kinds of applications.

This unit locks into place by either an actuated lock step or locking casters that have a foot locking mechanism. There is also an option where you can use a hand locking lever, which also locks the platform into place.


  • The steps are 24″ wide or 36″wide
  • All Welded Steel Construction
  • The steps have a 57 degree incline angle
  • Lock Safe activated casters are on both ends
  • 500 lb weight capacity
  • Industrial Gray Enamel Finish (other colors available)
  • Rubber Tips on Stabilizing Legs
  • Handrails are 30″ high
  • Handrails are on one side of platform
  • This unit meets OSHA & ANSI standards
  • Typically a 10 day lead time

(These platforms can also be customized to fit your specific application.)

PWDE330-493 - 24"W24"Wx49"Dx30"H26"Wx77"D180$688
PWDE330-633 - 24"W24"Wx63"Dx30"H26"Wx91"D198$735
PWDE330-703 - 24"W24"Wx70"Dx30"H26"Wx98"D215$788
PWDE430-494 - 24"W24"Wx49"Dx40"H26"Wx89"D210$760
PWDE430-634 - 24"W24"Wx63"Dx40"H26"Wx103"D230$812
PWDE430-704 - 24"W24"Wx70"Dx40"H26"Wx110"D244$864
PWDE530-495 - 24"W24"Wx49"Dx50"H26"Wx105"D240$920
PWDE530-635 - 24"W24"Wx63"Dx50"H26"Wx119"D260$963
PWDE530-705 - 24"W24"Wx70"Dx50"H26"Wx126"D280$1020
PWDE630-496 - 24"W24"Wx49"Dx60"H26"Wx117"D281$1003
PWDE630-636 - 24"W24"Wx63"Dx60"H26"Wx131"D300$1045
PWDE630-706 - 24"W24"Wx70"Dx60"H26"Wx138"D318$1108
PWDE730-497 - 24"W24"Wx49"Dx70"H26"Wx131"D315$1078
PWDE730-637 - 24"W24"Wx63"Dx70"H26"Wx145"D336$1122
PWDE730-707 - 24"W24"Wx70"Dx70"H26"Wx152"D351$1175
PWDE336-493 - 36"W36"Wx49"Dx30"H38"Wx77"D198$815
PWDE336-633 - 36"W36"Wx63"Dx30"H38"Wx91"D214$867
PWDE336-703 - 36"W36"Wx70"Dx30"H38"Wx98"D228$943
PWDE436-494 - 36"W36"Wx49"Dx40"H38"Wx89"D225$918
PWDE436-634 - 36"W36"Wx63"Dx40"H38"Wx103"D242$990
PWDE436-704 - 36"W36"Wx70"Dx40"H38"Wx110"D256$1052
PWDE536-495 - 36"W36"Wx49"Dx50"H38"Wx105"D252$1115
PWDE536-635 - 36"W36"Wx63"Dx50"H38"Wx119"D274$1156
PWDE536-705 - 36"W36"Wx70"Dx50"H38"Wx126"D297$1232
PWDE636-496 - 36"W36"Wx49"Dx60"H38"Wx117"D299$1211
PWDE636-636 - 36"W36"Wx63"Dx60"H38"Wx131"D314$1273
PWDE636-706 - 36"W36"Wx70"Dx60"H38"Wx138"D329$1340
PWDE736-497 - 36"W36"Wx49"Dx70"H38"Wx131"D328$1294
PWDE736-637 - 36"W36"Wx63"Dx70"H38"Wx145"D345$1355
PWDE736-707 - 36"W36"Wx70"Dx70"H38"Wx152"D362$1420

The Double Entry Rolling Platforms can be either made of Steel, Aluminum or Stainless Steel.  There are alot of different ways you could use this unit.  First of all, the additional safety it adds as opposed to similar models is ideal.

We here at U.S. Industrial Supply, has sold thousands of these models and in fact they are one of our best sellers along with the Cantilever Rolling Ladder and Adjustable Work Platform.  We pride ourselves in excellent customer service and always acknowledge that it is all about the customer or end user, if your a reseller.

Preferably, we would recommend the standard Steel Construction.  It is less expensive and more durable than the aluminum construction.  The weight capacity can be increased if needed and the size of the platform regarding the widths and lengths, can be adjusted.  Even if they deviate from the standard dimensions.  We would just need an idea of what you are looking for and our design team will produce an approval drawing, so that we are all on the same page, before we proceed with fabrication.

Give us a call toll free for more information (888) 722-0311.

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