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These Scissor Lifts are constructed of Steel and are Heavy Duty.  They are Manually Propelled and can hold up to 1000 pounds.

The platform is enclosed with 42 inch guardrails and 21 inch mid rails with 4 inch toe boards and a swing gate that swings inward.


  • Platform is 3ft x 8ft with grip strut decking
  • The unit rolls on 8in swivel wheels
  • Has outriggers that are self storing
  • Leveling jacks secure the unit to the floor
  • The lift has a standard gray enamel finish
  • Meets and exceeds ANSI standards
  • Powered by a 120 volt AC battery (thermal overload protection


HW1-713ft2'4" to 7'4"1700NO$13,127
HW1-1016ft5' to 10'1"1800NO$13,939
HW2-1319ft3' to 12'10"2000NO$14,953
HW2-1621ft5'8" to 15'8"2100YES$16,447
HW3-1924ft3'7" to 18'8"2300YES$19,647
HW3-2227ft6'4" to 21'4"2400YES$20,935
HW4-2430ft4'1" to 24'4"2700YES$22,234
HW4-2733ft6'8" to 27'2800YES$23,677

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