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The Tank Top Man lift provides ease access to tank trucks, railroad cars or can be used for other cantilevered applications.

This Man Lift is ideal for clearing snow off the tops of trailers.  It also has an option where where the heights can be adjustable.

  • The cantilever platform is 48 inches long
  • The hydrailic hand pump adjusts the platform
  • Grip Stut / Serrated Grating material on deck and steps
  • Overall footprint is 28″W  x  60″L
  • The fixed outriggers expand to 69″
  • The unit rolls on (2) swivel and (2) rigid 8″ wheels
  • 300 pound weight capacity
  • Industrial gray enamel painted finish (other colors available)
  • Full handrails on both sides with gates at each end of the platform


AC electric power
DC electric power
Air-Hydraulic power
Tool Tray
Fluorescent tube holder
Platform duplex receptacle
Removable 30” extension railing


TT-91313' 8"9' 4"24"Wx48"LAdjustable 9’ to 13’H1525 lbs$7419
TT-913F13' 8"9' 4"24"Wx48"LNon-Adjustable 9’ to 13’H1450 lbs$5981

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