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The Electric Pallet Truck is fully powered by a 24V DC drive.  It raises and lowers the loads very easily just by pushing a button.  It makes it easier to use than any other pallet truck.

  • This unit can be used in warehouses and trailers
  • Welded Forks has adjustable tie rods
  • Reverse function used for safety horn
  • Electomagnetic disc brake with auto dead man feature

The emergency reverse belly switch reverses its direction and moves the pallet truck forward.  The safety circuit will automatically disable the entire unit if the emergency reverse belly switch is activated.

Rider Platform is Optional

EPT-2047-303300 20"x47" 3.2"to7.8" 862 lbs$3784
EPT-2547-30330025"x47" 3.1"to7.8" 862 lbs$3498
EPT-2547-30-E 300025"x47" 3.1"to7.8" 760 lbs$3170
EPT-2748-33 330027"x48" 3.1"to7.7" 660 lbs$3288
EPT-2048-45 450020"x48" 3.4"to7.8" 1341 lbs$5511
EPT-2748-45 450027"x48" 3.2"to8.2" 1336 lbs$5647
EPT-2796-45 450027"x96" 3.2"to8.2" 1768 lbs$9188

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