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These Portable Man Lifts are heavy duty and easy to maneuver.

We have the perfect man lift for your application.  The most important factor in considering one of these units is its safety features.

Another factor to consider is the ease of accessibility.  How you operate the unit, going up and down and moving to its desired location.  You have manual as well as electrical options regarding its mobility.

Rolls around on its casters and can be stored in closets and other small areas.

Make sure the working height and the platform dimensions are what you desire for your specific needs.

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(888) 722-0311







Scissor Lifts

Power Stocker Man Lift


If you do not see any particular man lifts you need, don’t fret.  We can still source it for you.  We sell over 100,000 different types of products.

No matter the manufacturer or model, we can supply it.

Most Man Lifts are really designed to lift a man.  No matter the specific application.  Either way they will ultimately lift you up.  Of course there are different amounts of weight that can be lifted.  This is call the maximum weight capacity.  It is determined at 4 times the amount it can really lift, per OSHA standards.

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